Server Ports Usage

Currently, the server uses three ports to keep all systems work. This page describes the role of each port, default values, etc.

Main Port

Used to perform synchronization and other basic networking.

UI Port

Used by the embedded browser to access HTML/CSS/JS and other assets.

  • Protocol is HTTPS

  • Default value is 3000

  • Non-configurable

  • Equals (Main Port + 1) if its value is non-default

WebSocket Communication Port

Used by the embedded browser to communicate with the backend.

  • Protocol is WebSocket

  • Default value is 8080

  • Non-configurable

  • Equals (Main Port + 2) if its value is non-default

WebPack DevServer Port

If you run the WebPack dev server and the skymp server on the same machine, the skymp server would proxy UI requests to the WebPack dev server. This feature allows you to use frontend live reload to test game systems.

  • Non-configurable, assumed to always be 1234

Chromium DevTools

Actually, this is not a serverside port. You may need to know that the embedded browser exposes port 9000 for remote DevTools. Just type localhost:9000 in your real browser to open Chromium DevTools for the in-game browser.