Running A Server

As you already know Skyrim Multiplayer is releasing public server builds. Here is an instruction on running your own server.



The server requires Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 or higher. It may still launch on older operating systems, but correct work isn't guaranteed.

You obviously need to have 64-bit Windows version since the server is 64-bit program.

  1. Create a new directory for server installation.

  2. Download the latest server build from the project's website.

  3. Extract everything into a previously created directory.

  4. The main executable is skymp5-server.exe. It's a command line app so you are free to launch it via cmd.exe / powershell or your custom .bat script.


Only Windows builds are supported currently.


Once you install the server, you should be able to launch it. We distribute server builds with server-settings.json included, but its default values are only usable to verify that server works. After launching the server you will see a server called My Server in skymp launcher. You also will be able to connect, but players from the Internet will not. You need to change the ip field in server-settings.json to get this functionality to work.

"dataDir": "data",
"loadOrder": [
"ip": "", // <=
"name": "My Server"
  • You may find out your public IP here‚Äč

  • You need to have ports open. Talk to your Internet provider support if you want to open ports. Status of each port can be checked here You can learn about ports that are really used by the server on Server Configuration Reference page or to simplify think that it may use any of available ports and protocols.

  • If you use LogMeIn Hamachi or similar software then just type an IP address you got assigned from it. Your friends who share a "local" network with you will be able to connect, players from the Internet will not.