Properties System

This page contains common information about the property system of the API.

Built-in Properties List

Some of the properties are built-in. It means that they are defined by the skymp server itself, not by scripts. You are able to use mp.get/mp.set with built-in properties just like with properties added by your code.

Modifiable properties

These properties can be modified by a script with mp.set.

  • pos ([0,0,0])

  • angle ([0,0,0])

  • worldOrCellDesc ("3c:Skyrim.esm")

  • inventory

  • appearance

  • isOpen

  • isDisabled

Readonly properties

These properties can NOT be modified by a script with mp.set.

  • type ("MpActor"/"MpObjectReference")

  • baseDesc ("12eb7:Skyrim.esm")

  • formDesc ("0", "1", "14:Skyrim.esm")

  • equipment

  • isOnline

  • neighbors ([0xff000000, 0xff000001, ...])