Server Data Directory

Data directory of the server ("./data" by default) contains different kinds of game resources, including mods, UI, etc.

Vanilla Skyrim SE Mods

Should be placed into the root of the data directory and added to "loadOrder" in server-settings.json. All assets required for the game should be packed into an archive in .bsa format by Creation Kit or community tools. That archive must have the same name with related mod (i.e. "FooBar.bsa" for "FooBar.esp"). Please note that currently .bsa archives are used only on the client-side. If you want scripts to be working on the server, place them into the scripts subdirectory.


ui subdirectory is used for storing your server's user interfaces. It should contain index.html and other bundled files.


The server generates manifest.json during startup. Do not modify that file, consider modifying server-settings.json instead.

"versionMajor" is a major version of the Manifest, currently, 1. "mods" is an array of objects with fields "crc32", "filename" and "size". "loadOrder" is a load order of mods (taken from server-settings.json directly).


Data directory also contains _libkey.js. This file is used as a script embedded into the CEF page in-game. You probably don't want to modify this. Otherwise, there is usually a more reliable way to do things.